Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Wow! It is just one month to the actual AP test day! All of your work, however, needs to be posted on your AP site by May 1st. The black box for taking your photos is now set up in the computer room. I have a spotlight and the good camera when you are ready to start photographing your work. It would be good to have a friend help you hold the light. Turn the flash on the camera off. Take several shots with different views and some close ups.

Download to iphoto. Select your best images. The art computers have photoshop available to resize and adjust images. Make sure that your image is no larger than 3MB. An easy way to resize your image is at
Images need to be not larger than: Landscape: 530 x 780 Portrait: 780 x 530 pixels.

Once you have images, you can drop them into the AP digital submission site. You will need to have the actual length, width and height measurement.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's time to really pick up the pace and get busy! Make sure you look at the AP College Board site.
Everything you need to know about AP is there. You can view examples from the 2009 portfolios.

I will be checking sketch books again. Include a list of all of your work and write the sizes and whether it is Concentration, Quality or Breadth.

You need to make a vase or bowl for our raku firing. Make sure you use the raku clay. Research the process and look at examples. Write about what you found on your blog.

Check out ceramic artist Chris Campbell. She uses a very interesting technique with colored clay. She also has many interesting links to some other impressive artists.

Sketch books, your vase for raku and at least 1 other piece will be evaluated on March 24th.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Ceramics 1 students are creating some very nice work. Their skills are improving and their work is getting better with each project. My special thank you to ceramic artist Marilee Hall for sharing her chalk pastel technique with us. It was an absolute success. We all loved experimenting with the chalk. I also need to thank artists Kimmy Cantrell and The Mask Woman Peggy Bjerkan for the wonderful examples that influenced our masks.

I hope you enjoy our pictures. You can see this work and more in person at our Spring Art Show, opening the evening of March 23rd in our media center.

Monday, January 25, 2010


The AP Studio Art Exam is Friday, May 7th. This means that all of your work needs to be submitted to the Digital Submission Site by May 1st. This earlier deadline will allow you time to make sure all photos have been uploaded to the College Board. Last year there were many problems and the site virtually froze on the actual exam day. The site was so overwhelmed with activity during the days prior to the deadline that I want to make sure that you have plenty of time to make any necessary changes.

I will be giving you a code to set up your account at the College Board. Please read all the size requirements. You will be able to upload jpegs of your completed work. You will be able to change things prior to the deadline at anytime.

You also need to look at the scoring guidelines. Remember, will need a minimum of 18 pieces.

QUALITY: Images of 5 works that demonstrate your mastery of three dimensional design (these may come from concentration or breadth)

10 images-5 works, 2 views of each

CONCENTRATION: works describing an in-depth exploration of a particular design concern. 12 images + a written commentary describing what your concentration is and how it evolved.

BREADTH: A variety of works demonstrating your understanding of the principles of 3 dimensional design. 16 Images: 8 works, 2 views of each

Please really look over this site it contains everything you need to know and more.

The following are the minimun requirements for these 4 weeks. You are expected to still complete pieces on your own as well.


1. Research a ceramic artist. In your blog, write about his/her style, technique and why you selected this person.

2. Create a piece in the style of this artist, write about your results.

3. Research a new technique: mishima, terra sigliatta, precious metal clay, or another technique. Check out Ceramics Daily for ideas, videos and a variety of ideas. Create a piece using this technique.

4. Sketch book: Keep adding ideas, thoughts, drawings a pictures

Due: Monday: February 22nd

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1st Semester AP EXAM


Yes, you have an exam. No you are not exempt because of your senior status. This is a college level class and there is much to be done. Your exam will consist of:

1. Updating your blog. Include not only pictures of all of your works, but explanations about techniques, glazes and reflections. Make sure to proofread.

2. Sketch book with new ideas and sketches. You can also include copies of inspirational pieces.

3. Visit an art gallery or go to an art show. The current exhibit at The Manatee Art Center has two very good ceramic artists. There are many galleries in Village of the Arts. Please write about where you went, what you saw, what you learned and your thoughts about the art in a blog posting.

4. Breadth Assignment:

Complete a plaster carving over winter break. (Pick a block from the box) This is totally a subtractive process. Look at these examples. Clay loop tools and modeling tools as well as ordinary kitchen utensils will work for tools.

5. Make something out of clay that you wouldn’t expect to be made of clay. example: a toaster, a jacket This needs to be ready for firing after winter break and totally complete by exam date.

Everything needs to be completed by the last day of exams on January 21st.



There are many artists that create sculptures that tell stories. Open up my drop box and drag the ceramic links document to your desktop. Use this time to view the different sculptures. Write out ideas, draw sketches and plan how you would construct this artwork.

image: Googe images: Marilee Hall

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Create your version of a Mexican Tree of Life. View the
slide show for examples and techniques. You need to have your sketch approved before beginning.